Alliance Services




Alliance Services has been a partner of ours for over 3 years now. Providing our own hiring process for the first 15 years of our business, was a hit or miss proposition. It took a lot of work and usually ended up with not a lot of success. We do not have the expertise that is needed to find the right person in the hiring process. We know the type of person that we are looking for, we just don’t have the skills. Alliance Services spent time understanding who we are. They found out our culture, our business, and the existing employees that make up our group. With that information, it has been amazing how they have been able to place all of our new employees over the last few years. Now it is as easy as picking up the phone and contacting them for the next employee needed. It has definitely lifted our stress in the process.

Tony A. Michael, CRPS, President, FutureBenefits of America



Alliance Services could not have been more helpful throughout my job search. They were encouraging and truly interested in placing me within the right company culture and position where my talents could be utilized and valued. I remain grateful and consider them friends. Highly recommend this group!

Suzanne Gibson, Marketing & Communications Professional



I needed an additional person in the office to assist with the growing workload, and with limited time available in my schedule, I turned to Alliance Services to help secure the right person. Amber at Alliance Services exceeded my expectations, making the decision process on hiring so smooth and easy for me. I now have the help I need to accomplish the Chamber’s goals, and the new employee is truly a force multiplier for tackling tasks and fulfilling our mission!

Tonia Howell, Director, Arlington Chamber of Commerce



Being that it was my first time using an employment service, I was surprised at what a pleasant experience it was! Amber was very clear in communicating the skills and experience her client was looking for. The whole experience from my initial interview to my job offer was seamless. I would highly recommend Alliance Services.

Mary Hammer, Administrative Professional