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Benefits of Hiring a Recruiter Or How Much is Your Time Worth?

Amber Dawn Woods

Amber Dawn Woods

So, you know you need to hire someone. Business is growing, and your plate is overflowing. But it’s the last thing you feel like tackling.

The last time you had to hire a new employee it took weeks. You advertised online and posted on Facebook. Everyone you spoke to knew someone who was looking for a job and would be ‘just perfect’ for your company.

You carved out time to review applications and talk to your mom’s cousin’s hairdresser’s stepson on the phone and even managed to schedule a handful of interviews. Some felt good, some were awful, and some never even bothered to show up.

But time was running out, so you made the decision. Maybe you picked the best person of the lot, or the one you liked the most, or the one who just left a company just like yours. You made the offer, filled out the paperwork, set the start date, giving a big sigh of relief that it was all over, and you could finally go back to doing YOUR job again.

And two months later, they’re gone. Turns out there was a reason they left their last job, and what your mama’s cousin’s hairdresser forgot to tell you when she sent you her son’s resume is that she wouldn’t hire him because he never could show up to work on time. And while they said they knew Excel it turns out they didn’t even know how to total a column, let alone create a formula.

You spent weeks to find them and weeks to train them and now, here you are again. And, for the first time ever, you’re considering asking for help.

But one thing is holding you back. Why pay someone to do your hiring for you?

After all, money is tight, you get plenty of applications on your own and you know your business and clients better than anyone else. Besides, you really can’t afford another fail right now.

And that’s why. You do know your business better than anyone else. And to keep your company growing, you need to be able to focus your energy on doing what you do best.

The question is How much is your time worth?

We all know that the cost of hiring and then losing an employee is just the tip of the iceberg. When coupled with the time and energy you and your team spend sorting through resumes and sitting through interviews, and the cost of the opportunities and sales you didn’t get because you were too busy doing the above, the investment you make for each person you hire can be staggering. And that’s before you calculate in training and benefits!

If you look back at unsuccessful hires, how many of those can you attribute to rushing the hiring process, not thoroughly screening candidates or just flat our settling because you needed a warm body in a chair?

We get paid to fill jobs, not collect resumes or book interviews.

Working with us, the demand on your time is minimal. After the initial consultation, we go to work crafting the perfect description and posting, searching our databases, cross posting on various sites and sending it out through our network. We review resumes, conduct in-depth interviews, screen for behavioral issues, conduct multiple skill assessments, and narrow down the top candidates. You’re presented with a handful of qualified candidates selected to fill your need and fit your company. All while you go about your daily work and continue to grow your business.

Additionally, we offer a guarantee period for all placements. If the hire doesn’t work out, we start the search over, not you!

Hiring an employee is an investment in the future of your company. But it doesn’t have to be a drain. So go ahead, ask for help! After all, you have a business to run and your time is precious.

Amber Dawn Woods